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Slide headfirst just like the pros.

We are building sliding mitts for kids who run the bases like a pro and dive headfirst, but don't want the injuries that come with that aggressive style of play.

Thank you for your interest in our sliding mitt. Unfortunately, we are not ready to take any orders at this point in time due to manufacturing delays. We will post an order form and pictures when we are ready to accept orders.

Our goal is to ship the highest quality product in the market - made from the best materials and assembled to last for many years. At this time, we have not been able to find a contract manufacturer that provides the level of quality we need in the product. Therefore, we have decided to temporarily suspend taking any further reservations until we have clarity on the shipment timeline.

All previous inquiries are saved in our system and we will notify you if we are able to secure a manufacturer in the near future.

Sturdy Construction

After working with pattern makers and design consultants, we are upgrading the fabric on the outside of our mitt. Competitors are using Neoprene with a fabric covering the plastic finger area. Using a special nylon fabric (more details coming soon), we believe we are onto something great. We are still using a wide Velcro wrist strap and heavy duty stitching to deliver the best sliding gloves on the market.

Made in the USA

Baseball is America's game and we exclusively construct each sliding mitt in the USA. Designed and sewn in America using the highest quality labor available.

Full Hand Protection

Our sliding glove features full coverage for the entire hand. Wrist guards simply do not protect the fingers like a full baseball sliding mitt.

After trying each of the competitor's products, we see some things we like and some things that simply won't work for kids. The innovation we have pumped into the new design is fantastic. We can't wait to share it with everyone.

Quality Materials, Quality Construction

Each sliding mitt will be constructed from Neoprene, Velcro and a ballistic Nylon outer shell. In our testing, we have found this new outer shell is providing outstanding results. Our simple design and ruggest construction are going to make this a home run with players! Give it a try to feel the quality and protection of our sliding mitt!

Team Colors

For the first season we are only offering black Neoprene with white lettering. Additional colors and styles will be available once production ramps up. Please stay tuned for new colors.

Customize Your Mitt

Many customers have already inquired about using Little League team colors, MLB team colors and printing player numbers (or names) on the sliding mitt. We will be offering many color choices, player numbers and player name embroidering in early 2019. Stay tuned for new designs as they are released.

Our Story...

If you have a son or daughter that slides into second base or third base headfirst, you probably wonder about potential hand injuries as we did with our kids. During a recent tournament, our son dove headfirst into second base and dislocated his finger. It is a painful injury and it appears it will take several months to fully heal. After the doctor visits, x-rays and waiting rooms, we started looking for something to protect his hand when he starts playing again. .


I started to read more about hand injuries in baseball and it became apparent that more and more Major League Baseball players have already made the move to protective hand gear. The list of players already wearing a protective sliding mitt is amazing. If you watch an MLB game on TV there is almost always at least 1 or 2 players taking time on first base to put on their sliding mitt to protect their hand. I asked my wife, "Why is it so difficult to find a quality sliding mitt for kids at a reasonable price?" There has to be a solution out there. The major sporting goods stores do not carry them, but they have every kind of football pad and baseball pad you can imagine.


I found a few companies online selling 'wrist guards' that do not protect the fingers. Those models were focused on protecting the wrist with stiff metal supports and the fingers are exposed at the end. I also found some medical orthopedic supports that cost more than the entire Little League sign-up fee in most towns. With a little research and some time working with designers to avoid infringing on anyone's patented design, we are well on our way to offering these to customers later this year. By offering a quality product at a reasonable price, our hope is every family can afford a sliding mitt to prevent their son or daughter from getting a hand injury while playing baseball or softball.


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